Thursday, January 20, 2011

Never Too Late

In the lives of many couples today, both men and women have lost that sweet love and feeling for each other. This even happens in the best relationships. No relationship is perfect!

However, over the years many have lost that great zeal; fire and courtship for one another. Yes indeed, the bills; personal stress; kids etc…can all bring a couples sizzling love to a complete halt.
However, you must know that where there is hope there is love. True love never dies, because love conquers all. A couple’s love that is so deep can climb over any mountains and cross over any deep seas. Love is priceless, for rubies and pearls can’t be compared to such great love. Love comes from the depth of ones soul and connects to another in a magical way. 

A couple’s relationship should grow over a period of time not for the worst, but for the better. The relationship must be unified and met on one accord in order for the love to last and remain effective in both lives together as one. Love can rekindle any couple’s relationship and make it sizzling once again. It is never too late for a couple to ignite back into their lives together those romantic moments. Those spectacular moments that once included the romantic dinners; horse & carriage rides; dancing under the stars and in the rain; endless roses & chocolates; movie nights; soaking in a hot bubble bath filled with rose petals and sipping on some sweet wine together and of cause the very passionate love making sessions etc…All of this can be rejuvenated once again into your homes and into your lives as one.
      I take no ownership over the picture posted in this article.

"Each morning as I awaken, you are the reason I smile, You are the reason I love."
~Jerry Burton~
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